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3 Years Bangladesh Sanchayapatra | ৩ মাস অন্তর মুনাফাভিত্তিক সঞ্চয়পত্র

3 Monthly Profit Bearing Sanchayapatra [ ৩ মাস অন্তর মুনাফাভিত্তিক সঞ্চয়পত্র ] (Tin Mash Antar Munafa Vittik 3-Year Sanchayapatra) This Sanchayapatra was introduced in 1998 Denomination:   Tk.1, 00,000/-; Tk. 2, 00,000/-; Tk. 5, 00,000/- and 10, 00,000/-.  Issue Office:    National Savings Bureau, Bangladesh Bank, Schedule Bank and Bangladesh Post offices Download 3 Years Bangladesh Sanchayapatra form Who can purchase: A certificate may be purchased by any of the following, namely-  A single adult; A minor; Two adults in their joint names and An adult on behalf of-a single minor, two minor jointly, himself/herself and a minor jointly and any lunatic of whom he is the guardian or manager appointed by a court of law. How to Purchase: To submit a dully fill-up prescribed application from (SC-1) along with photocopy of National Identity Card or Passport or Birth certificate, 02 copies of passport size photograph each of holder and nominee

Govt. City College - Chittagong

About Govt. City College, Chittagong: The Govt. City College, Chittagong that started its journey back in the year 1954 on the premises of the Law College. The City College which was started as a Night college has now emerged as a fully fledged masters level college affiliated with National University, Bangladesh. At present the Govt. City College, Chittagong conducts honors and masters courses in different disciplines. Located at the heart of the city, the City College has already drawn the attention of the learned section of the society. Address of Govt. City College | EIIN of Govt. City College | College code of Govt. City College | Website of Govt. City College | Contact No. of Govt. City College | Admission notice/ admission circular of Govt. City College | Admission instruction & prospectus of Govt. City College | Logo / Monogram of Govt. City College …  Govt. City College | Govt. City College - Chittagong EIIN of Govt. City College: 104301 Col

Hazera-Taju Degree College

About Hazera-Taju Degree College: About Hazera-Taju Degree College the founder Mr. Al-haj Nurul Islam B.Sc said “The expansion of education only can push the country towards the desired goal of peace, prosperity and financial emancipation of the down trodden. Keeping this intention in mind I established this college in 1991. Since the beginning this institution has been playing an important role in imparting quality education. At present quality education is not possible without the help of IT. Realizing this Hazera-Taju Degree college is going to open a web site. I welcome it. Through it’s opening this college is going to make all the information available to all. So I am happy over it. I hope it will be user friendly. I wish more success of the college in future.” Address of Hazera-Taju Degree College | EIIN of Hazera-Taju Degree College | College code of Hazera-Taju Degree College | Website of Hazera-Taju Degree College | Contact No. of Hazera-Taju Degree College | Admis