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3 Years Bangladesh Sanchayapatra | ৩ মাস অন্তর মুনাফাভিত্তিক সঞ্চয়পত্র

3 Monthly Profit Bearing Sanchayapatra [ ৩ মাস অন্তর মুনাফাভিত্তিক সঞ্চয়পত্র ] (Tin Mash Antar Munafa Vittik 3-Year Sanchayapatra) This Sanchayapatra was introduced in 1998 Denomination:   Tk.1, 00,000/-; Tk. 2, 00,000/-; Tk. 5, 00,000/- and 10, 00,000/-.  Issue Office:    National Savings Bureau, Bangladesh Bank, Schedule Bank and Bangladesh Post offices Download 3 Years Bangladesh Sanchayapatra form Who can purchase: A certificate may be purchased by any of the following, namely-  A single adult; A minor; Two adults in their joint names and An adult on behalf of-a single minor, two minor jointly, himself/herself and a minor jointly and any lunatic of whom he is the guardian or manager appointed by a court of law. How to Purchase: To submit a dully fill-up prescribed application from (SC-1) along with photocopy of National Identity Card or Passport or Birth certificate, 02 copies of passport size photograph each of holder and nominee


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Accounting, Finance and Management

Research and Consultancy Firm
Advertisement and Event Management

Secretary, Receptionist and Receptionist
Bank, Insurance, Leasing and Micro Credit
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Data Entry and Operator
Commercial, Supply Chain and Inventory   Management

Information Technology and Telecommunication
Education, Health and Training

Marketing and Sales
Engineer, Architects, Interior and Exterior

Customer Support, Customer Care and Call Center
Garments and Textile

NGO and Development
HR Management and HR Development

Medical, Hospital and Pharmaceuticals
General Management and Admin

BPSC (Cadre and Non Cadre)
Government Job

Overseas Jobs


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