Banking Diploma

Banking Diploma
Background of IBB: A number of eminent bankers and other professionals, in 1972, decided to establish the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (IBB), as a professional body of banks and financial institutions in Bangladesh. The IBB was registered on 6 February, 1973.

The Subjects and Subject Wise Study Resources for JAIBB and DAIBB Examinations are as follows:

Junior Associate of the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (JAIBB):

**Compulsory subjects:
  1. Principles of Economics & Bangladesh Economy
  2. Business Communications
  3. Organization & Management
  4. Laws and Practice of Banking
  5. Marketing of Financial Services
  6. Accounting for Financial Services
Diplomaed Associate of the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (DAIBB):

**Compulsory subjects:
  1. Management of Financial Institutions
  2. Lending Operation & Risk Management
  3. International Trade & Foreign Exchange
  4. Information Technology in Financial Services
  5. Management Accounting
**Optional Subjects (Six): In addition to the aforesaid compulsory subjects, any one of the following optional Subjects shall be chosen by a candidate for passing DAIBB:
  1. Central Banking & Monetary Policy
  2. Agriculture & Microfinance
  3. SME & Consumer Banking
  4. Islamic Banking
  5. Investment Banking & Lease Financing
  6. Treasury Management
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